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Thaman and written by Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar. British Board of Film Classification. Naidu was the film's cinematographer. He wanted to rotate the film screening on various channels, at appropriate times, in a bid to gain more widespread viewership and recoup his investment. They also demanded a public apology by Mahesh and Jagannadh.

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He eventually emerges as the biggest mafia leader of Mumbai and kills a national politician Jai Dev in retribution for cheating and murdering his parents. However, by the time Surya realises that he truly loves her, Bhardwaj has exposed Surya's real nature to Chitra which makes her hate him. After Mahesh refused to perform in the Hindi remake of this film, Jagannadh approached Ranbir Kapoor in late January and arranged a special screening for him.

Businessman may be perverse and appeal only to the masses, hp i.r.i.s.ocr yet is a winner for unexplainable reasons. Muthukumar and Kailas Rishi wrote the lyrics for the dubbed Tamil and Malayalam versions of the songs respectively.

Shruti Haasan top was initially considered for the female lead role, but Kajal Aggarwal bottom ended up being engaged for the role. He reaches Chitra's house and saves her but fails to save Bhardwaj.

After this, Surya promises to clear the debts of Dharavi locals so that their houses will not be repossessed. Bhardwaj was afraid of dancing, suspecting a possible sprain, and found the costumes uneasy, but had to continue upon the choreographer's insistence. The police confirmed this and stated they would seek legal opinions for taking further action. He is injured, but eventually kills Jai Dev, saving Chitra and proposing to her for the last time. Contests were introduced where the winners won posters autographed by Mahesh, the film's tickets and soundtrack discs apart from others.

The set of posters sent to the board for certification purpose carried the full title. He recruits local gangsters for staff and begins to forcibly collect a two percent tax on every contract made in that area. Actress Shweta Bhardwaj was therefore selected to perform the item number instead. Theatrical release poster. It was reportedly the first onscreen kiss for both of them.

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The film was publicised without the definite article, which was also missing from the posters. Mahesh plays Vijay Surya, who later becomes Surya Bhai a ruthless man who comes to Mumbai from South India aspiring to become a mafia don. Films directed by Puri Jagannadh.


She also tried to understand the meaning of the lyrics while dancing. As a part of the film's promotion, Aditya Music offered a range of ringtone packs.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He said in an interview that he could maintain the consistency in the character only because of the fewer working days.

The screenplay is a saving grace, which works like magic, making the audiences forget the monotony in between. After release, the film was criticised for the usage of curse-words by the protagonist and a few intimate sequences between the lead pair.

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Surya slowly becomes both popular and feared as an extortionist, while Dharavi locals praise him as their saviour. He also states that he wants to rid India of crime and help the needy. Based on a concept by Ram Gopal Varma and produced by R. Thaman composed the film's music and Shyam K.

The film's protagonist was supposed to be a south Indian coming to Mumbai and setting up a crime business using tact and intelligence to emerge as one of the biggest gangsters. It's just Mahesh all the way. Surya is last seen recuperating in a hospital in the company of Chitra, who accepts his proposal. He promises to leave crime behind him and asks Bhardwaj for permission to marry Chitra. The film was planned to be shot entirely in and around Mumbai and Jagannadh searched for distinct localities there which suit the script's backdrops.

BusinessMan Tamil mp3 songs download

BusinessMan Tamil Mp3 Songs Download

Surya shifts his attention towards the upcoming Indian parliament elections and meets Guru Govind Patel, the head of the opposition party through Laalu. He stated that the pending pre-production work would begin in Hyderabad after a week.

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However, a ruthless south Indian named Vijay Surya comes to the city, aspiring to be the most powerful Mafia Don there. Staying in Dharavi with his friend, he is introduced to a local politician Laalu, who is in trouble and offers him help. The film was revived later by R.

When they refuse his proposal, he insists to Bhardwaj that he will set up a business which is untouchable by the police, and will eventually marry Chitra. Surya is immediately arrested.

There is so much meaningless lecturing in the movie in the form of the demented arguments that our hero employs in many a scene. The soundtrack consists of six songs composed by S. Born to Rule in by choreographer-turned-director Baba Yadav with Jeet and Subhasree Ganguly reprising the roles of Mahesh and Kajal from the original respectively. They stole the film's reels and ripped off the film's hoardings and flexies at the theatre, protesting a few dialogues which allegedly demeaned Rama and were anti-patriotic.