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Please try again another time. Anatomical structures and particular regions are visible as dynamic labelled images. Heart pictures Illustrations.

You definitely need to use a sharp scalpel for this task. As each new structure is shown, its name appears on the screen. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Please take a moment to tell us about your experience with AclandAnatomy! Bob Acland, in his soothing British accent, narrates the video and makes you feel as if you're sitting in your living room, in front of the fireplace, sipping a cup of Darjeeling tea! Acland provides this for you, even though I thought it was too quick of a review to learn, game house he gives you the parts you can go over and over at your own pace to learn them properly.

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Additionally, arterial supply for the extensor compartment comes from the posterior interosseous branch of the ulnar artery. Not open to the public, this unique collection of historical models, specimens, artworks and curios is of national importance and plays a vital role in our medical teaching. Reexamine the pectoralis major and minor.

Skin the upper limb except the hand and find the cutaneous basilic, cephalic, and median cubital veins. In week six, you'll have two days of hands-on workshops, working with cadaveric material. This book is very useful and suitable for the students studying in the field of medicine.

The Upper Limb

They are particularly useful for those who need to learn anatomy but have few or no chance to do dissection. Chest anatomy Illustrations Illustrations. Upper extremity radiography images Radiographs.

This will prove quite useful to the medical students. It runs along between the two marginal muscles that flex the wrist.

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Refresh your theoretical, practical and applied anatomy knowledge. It thoroughly introduces the greater part of medical terminology as well as the various structures which constitute the human body.

Shortly after this division, the ulnar artery gives off the common interosseous artery. For clinicians in training and in practice, it assures a swift renewal of anatomic knowledge. Share your thoughts with other customers. The median nerve innervates the rest of the flexors in the forearm. Review and Exam Prep Interactive timed multiple-choice exams prepare students for practical exams, track their performance, and direct them back to correlated videos for review.

Review and Exam Prep

The Upper Limb

As this single volume out of three is only about upper limb and thorax. Subscapularis is innervated by the upper and lower subscapular nerves. This chain of anastomoses can supply blood to the limb if the axillary artery is occluded distal to their origins.

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The information collected is primarily intended to facilitate your use of the site, including allowing you to view a new page without having to systematically log in again. Understand the action of these muscles. The extensor indicis gives the index finger added independence from the medial three fingers. The final member of the deep flexor sheet, pronator quadratus is the most used pronator of the forearm.

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The superficial branch of the radial nerve running down the forearm under the brachioradialis is entirely a cutaneous sensory nerve to the hand. Learn more about Amazon Prime. MedCharts Anatomy by Thomas R. So enjoy downloading videos from Youtube using GenYoutube and showcase, watch and listen to the ocean of never ending digital video download stream. You will be able to trace the common interosseous only a very short distance because it splits almost immediately into anterior and posterior interosseous arteries.

Identify the biceps brachii, brachialis, and coracobrachialis muscles. Between the superficial and deep parts of the supinator, the radial nerve passes back into the extensor compartment of the forearm.

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Acland s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy