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Andy and jacqueline dating, will kenneth ma dump jacqueline wong after scandal

Andy Hui caught cheating on Sammi Cheng with Jacqueline Wong

Their body language tell us that they are intimate and had been together. The other difference is that cheating scandals in the west will not result in the person losing all their future opportunities. Andy only apologised as he was caught red handed. Can upset a lot of powerful people behind the entertainment circle. As far as I know, Andy is not an English speaking person, or the other friend in the taxi.

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  1. So the taxi driver sold the tape to media?
  2. This makes me dislike her even more.
  3. Both their partners were in dark about their relationship.
  4. Man, everyone is talking about it on the live streams in Hong Kong.
  5. What shocked me more was all the cussing in Cantonese courtesy of Jacqueline.
Andy and jacqueline dating advice

Jacqueline was so dumb to behave like that in a taxi. Even that guy knew what they were doing was wrong. She was caught on camera holding hands with Hui and kissing him in the back seat of a taxi, in a scandal that broke on Tuesday. Alot of lives were ruined and none of those girls were doing anything wrong.

Also the subtle holding of hands means that romance is in the air. She knowingly seduced a married man when she herself is still attached? Have never been a fan of Jacqueline and always found her to be pretentious and vey flirtatious.

Married for five years, Andy and Sammi have mostly kept a low profile on their relationship. Appearing in a press conference this morning, Andy said that he had drank too much alcohol and got carried away in a moment of lust. The actress is later seen taking off her mask and leaning over to kiss and hug Andy throughout the rest of the journey. Jacqueline is obviously taking the coward route right now, which is unfortunate.

Saddness is then relieved. Feel really bad for Sammi and Kenneth who are the main victims here. Marriage is not only based on love, happiness but trust, no trust, no marriage. He held her hands like bf and gf for as long as they did, and they casually be next to each other, sims suggested they are used to being that close with one another.

Andy and jacqueline dating after divorce

Not too shocking that she is cheating, but shame on her for doing it with a married man. Those celebrities who hold press con when caught always end up crying but seriously, who really believe that. Jacqueline always came across as a strong female who goes after what or who she wants in a slightly rude way. They even answered the taxi driver completely synced when they told him where to go. If the regular office job then Sammi could keep an eye on him for a few years and main regain some of the trust.

Andy Hui caught cheating on Sammi Cheng with Jacqueline Wong

Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong Caught Being Intimate in Taxi Cab

Profile picture of Andy Jacqueline A is the first community and dating

Whether Andy is sincere apologise to Sammi is a question. Many people are heartbroken for the beloved Sammi! Looks like this is the longer clip.

Will Kenneth Ma Dump Jacqueline Wong After Scandal

Jacqueline and Sammi Are Also Friends. During the period where they were seperated, Sammi was so caught up with her career and stress and various emotional issues. Kenneth may be hiding his emotions, but I do wonder if there was any serious attachment there. Like other users have said, he seems to have thought it not quite right because andy said he will whatsapp to prove it and such.

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In fact, the driver was so conflicted that he entrusted the footage over to a church pastor. Cut her parts, freeze her, lgbt dating sites throw her away. And not exactly fluent either. Hope they find someone better soon.

Also the addition of another celebrity who was supposedly still in a relationship involved which makes this even more shocking. They were friends with benefit. Its not worth keeping her anymore. They finally found out who the taxi driver was. They were likely having an affair for some time.

Hated seeing her in dramas anyway. Thought that taxis are not allowed to have inward-facing cameras. Unhealthy marital problems must be resolved. He dodge a bullet on that one. Isnt that a massive breach of data protection?

View this post on Instagram. Sammi most people know have a much better singing and acting career than Andy and could find a much better partner but she sacrificed for love. Very disappointed in Andy. Now why would they need my credit card or so. But he do not love Sammi enough to be true and faithful to her.

Consequently, dating opens the door to many temptations. They shouldnt have to pay for her actions. Sometimes it actually works the other way around and even more fame and opportunities come around. Anyone finds out who the friend is? This is truly disgusting, unforgivable, online dating asking upsetting.

Jacqueline pretty much shooed him out and Andy promised that the taxi will go to his place then her place and he would WhatsApp his friend as evidence. Really felt disgusted with loose woman jacquelinebwong for being a vixen. Wong and actor Ma have been dating for about three years. How to go us Gratis dating site sverige lot your opinion.

Andy is a terrible husband. Sammi gave away so much of her time and youth to Andy and even let Andy ride off her coat tails for so long. Never thought that Andy would cheat and with such solid proof. Is your dream woman one that can offer you the jacqueliine package a smoking hot body and the brains that will blow your mind. The driver is been driving for artists for quite a while.

Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng's epic romance spanning nearly three decades may soon come to an end after he was caught cheating on her in a viral video clip. It would be hard to mend not only a broken heart, friendship but wasting any more time with? Is she not a native Hong Konger? She has a doting boyfriend but she choose to cheat on her boyfriend with a married man who is old enough to be her father.


  • He said he was very drunk that night as though it was a one off and lustful mistake.
  • Either divorce or break off.
  • This was before she knew about the scandal.
  • They will be frozen for years.

Shame on both of them acting that way in a taxi yet, sure that taxi driver hopefully got a big tip for letting them take their time but sure he enjoyed the show. Most likely, depending on your relationship with her and she as a person, jacquelien appreciate you sharing this with her and will in all probability be willing to help you with it. She was always the aggressive, extravagant, dating one night stand site and flirty girl who went after Kenneth Ma. Wonder how thick face he need for that session.

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Andy and jacqueline dating simulator. JACQUELINE Mid A GRAY

Definitely is an ongoing affair. Plus, he knows where she lives. After watching the exorcist meter I started to like Kenneth even more. Her entertainment circle friends would have deleted her contact by now. Now Susan from work will, quite fortunately, not see that photo of you perched seductively on her desk after-hours, a bottle of champagne from the holiday party in your hand.

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The girl who Andy loved to death - Times Of Oman. Anyhow, to forgive takes a lot of courage and yes, she might forgive in time to come however to stay in the marriage is another issue. At the beginning the friend kept insisting to take her home first. They naturally touching each other like couple.

The friend asked again if Andy was sure he would follow through with his words. Not worried about Kenneth tbh. Which of course makes her actions all the more hurtful towards Kenneth. But since they got married, I do think they both finally reach an understanding and want to settle down.

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