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Frederick comes after Elena and Stefan, wounding Stefan badly. Meanwhile, Jeremy asks Anna to a party in the woods, unaware that she has her own reasons for wanting to meet him there. Political fervor hits the South Side, and the Gallaghers take justice into their own hands.

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  1. Meanwhile, Petra turns to Rafael for advice on her love life.
  2. Meanwhile, Bailey deals with her own personal struggles when she nervously prepares for another date with Ben.
  3. George and Addison work together with Noelle.
  4. As Meredith juggles taking care of Zola with a case that hits close to home, Cristina assists Dr.
  5. Meredith has more confusing and uncomfortable encounters with members of her family.

Stefan is furious about what has been done to Lexi and tells Elena that she was right by ending things with him, then he takes off and attacks Damon, but stops short of killing him. Derek and Meredith's clinical trial gets a second shot from a new patient. Petra hears some important information that could help Rafael get the hotel back, but Rafael is more concerned about his sister's well-being. Cristina goes right back to working right after being discharged. Derek is still operating when he finds out about Meredith's current situation.

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The Chief officially announces his intention to retire to the administration of Seattle Grace and to Adele. With Jorge officially moved into Alba's house with his stuff, it quickly has changed the dynamic, making Jane to uncomfortable. Jeremy falls in love with Vicki Donovan, Matt's sister, who uses drugs like him, but she was dating Tyler and starts a rivalry between the boys. Jenna also starts dating a man named Logan, who cheated on her in the past. When Adam reveals his dating past to Jane, the information puts a strain on their relationship.

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As time has passed them by, and the more they spent time together they find that the platonic bonding between them dissolves more and more on a daily basis. After a few attempts to get back into the groove, Xo and Rogelio work together to try and find a new normal. It was a heady emotional weekend on every level.

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Consisting of Sasha Grey, Pablo St. The finals of the Hobo Games have arrived, and Frank faces off against his friend and greatest opponent while Ingrid grows anxious about his commitment to their future family. Frank meets his match in a fellow participant in the Hobo Loco competition. With Stephanie by her side, she begins operating on Dr. Elena becomes emotionally withdrawn over hiding her grief, while Jeremy turns to drugs to avoid dealing with his own feelings.

  • Carl gets some bad news about his future, and Debbie finally makes a move on Kelly.
  • Alex questions his future in plastics.
  • George and Izzie have a few morning-after symptoms.
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We find out why Derek and Addison aren't together. This causes tension between Derek and Addison. Alex and Meredith's friendship makes Jo jealous.

Jane believes she and Rafael are in a good place until she realizes he is keeping a secret from her. The daughter that Izzie gave up for adoption needs something from her. Denny needs a heart or else. Cristina pushes Burke to get better faster.

If you want to get caught up on everything from the interns first day to the mischief of the last episode, then this is the episode to watch. Anna enters the tomb to find her mother Pearl and helps her escape by having her feed on Elena's blood. The Chief wants Erica to perform a daring surgery. Sheriff Forbes finds her daughter has been injured and goes to the hospital where she is comforted by Damon. Bonnie returns to town and Elena is very happy to have her back, dating carbon but Bonnie is cold and distant.

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He asked me to send him my review of the film. When Jane and Rafael realize that the uncertain state of their relationship is stressing out Mateo, they decide that they need to make a decision. In this Callie and Arizona centric episode, the couple takes a look into the problems that have contributed to their troubled marriage. Derek and Addison discuss their relationships with Meredith. It took Lasse a full two minutes to make it to the stage, uae singles dating on live television.

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Meanwhile a couple on their third honeymoon come to the hospital complaining of mysterious symptoms. With his trial looming, Ian struggles to decide how to plead. And that I love them to death. Damon finally realizes that there is some good in him, and that he may actually want to become a better person.

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Meanwhile, Richard gives the residents a pep talk about the exciting projects going on around the hospital. Meredith and Izzie are making fun of Callie's household habits and George and Callie are having a fight because of George's roommates. Frank employs Liam to help him chase down a romantic connection. Bryan Greenberg as Parker.

The reverberations of a happy Meredith Grey change the world of Seattle Grace as we know it. She and Damon lock him in the cellar in an attempt to help him control his blood urges. Meanwhile, the doctors and the interns must juggle several transplant surgeries at once, each coming with its own set of obstacles. Anyone who has ever seen a romantic comedy before knows where this one is going. With the encouragement of Jane, join a Rafael is ready to dig into his past.

Derek tests the Chief's authority when Richard objects to moving forward with the risky surgery. Meanwhile, Xo is focused on growing the dance studio and decides to go into business with an unlikely foe. Lip sees another side of Tami when they spend the day together. When Isaac has an inoperable tumor wrapped around his spine, he wants Derek to do the impossible. Damon kills the human living in the house, thus enabling him to enter.

Meanwhile, Joe the bartender collapses. The anti-McSteamy club creates new initiatives but that isn't enough to stop one woman from spending time with him. An explosive case arrives at the O. Meanwhile, multiple pre-op patients develop infections, things to ask causing one doctor to wonder if she is at fault.

The musician is Burke's musical hero. Vicki is overcome by the hunger and feeds on Logan, killing him and completing her transformation. Izzie and George go crazy trying to get him one. Derek and Addison are experiencing their own version of morning-after tension as a result of Mark's visit to Seattle.

After the history teacher is killed, a man named Alaric is hired to take his place. One pedestrian is left brain dead. This is a recap episode, otherwise known as a clip show. Callie confronts Izzie about her relationship with George. Jane and Rafael learn that Petra has been found and they rush to her aide, but Anezka is nowhere to be found.

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