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  • Esarhaddon also completely rebuilt Babylon during his reign, bringing peace to Mesopotamia as a whole.
  • Where else can you meet Assyrian singles in a safe setting from around the world and then know the specific things you have in common with them before ever even meeting them?
  • In the process he defeated the Elamites, who had themselves coveted Babylon.

Profiles are always kept private until a member requests we release info to a potential match. Old Assyrian Empire Northern Akkadians. Then the computer courtship can begin. He then attacked the Mitannian-Hurrians, defeating both King Shattuara and his Hittite and Aramaean allies, finally completely destroying the Hurri-Mitannian kingdom in the process.

Timeline of the Assyrian Empire

This military campaign of joint forces was commemorated on a victory stele which states that Dadusha gives the lands to Shmshi-Adad I. His reign was also marred by Plague and an ominous solar eclipse and, as with his predecessor, military victories were credited to Shamshi-ilu. This task was successfully completed by his successor, Ashurbanipal. The successor of Enlil-nirari, Arik-den-ili c. However, later in his reign he led a number of successful campaigns in Asia Minor and the Levant.

The Adaside dynasty of Assyria was named after Adasi. Submit a full body picture of you by yourself. One of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly. So, dating a our members are always getting more for the money.

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Researching potential match profiles takes time. Later in his reign, he made further gains against King Nabu-shuma-ukin I of Babylonia. He maintained the policies of his recent predecessors, but appears to have had an uneventful reign. Temples to the moon god Sin Nanna and the sun god Shamash were erected during his reign.

Adad-nirari's inscriptions are more detailed than any of his predecessors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Finding the perfect match es for each member takes time. One minimal monthly management fee is all you pay.

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The Assyrian king attacked the Arameans, forced his way to the far off Mediterranean and constructed a stele in the area of Mount Atalur. The Assyrian king was then able to subjugate these nations individually, Babylon was sacked and largely destroyed by Sennacherib. Assyrian pressure from the southeast and Hittite pressure from the north-west, xpeke dating enabled Ashur-uballit I to break the power of Mitanni. Third Dynasty of Ur Sumerian Renaissance. Yasmah-Adad already had a leading wife and put Beltum in a secondary position of power.

Timeline of the Ancient Near East. It also helps shield our female matches from even the slightest possibility of any mistreatment. Basic information about profession, nationality, education, etc. At one point he arranged a political marriage between Yasmah-Adad to Beltum, hook up tuscaloosa the princess of his ally in Qatna.

The result was apparently turmoil as a rapid succession of seven usurpers took power, each reigning briefly before being overthrown. The lands of the Hurrians and Mitanni were duly appropriated by Assyria, making it a large and powerful empire. He declares that the gods of Mesopotamia called him to war, a statement used by most subsequent Assyrian kings. The international standard Bible encyclopedia Revised ed.

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Look up Assyria in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Journal of the American Oriental Society. When their forces encountered one another in this region, the Assyrian king Ashur-resh-ishi I met and defeated Nebuchadnezzar I of Babylon on a number of occasions.

Singles will answer a series of questions with varying levels of intimacy meant to give a potential match an overall understanding of who you really are. Journal of Near Eastern Studies. He himself resided in a new capital city founded in the Khabur valley in north western Mesopotamia, called Shubat-Enlil. It just felt right to let the ladies go first. In a subsequent campaign, the Assyrian forces penetrated Urartu, into the mountains south of Lake Van and then turned westward to receive the submission of Malatia.

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Mari and other Amorite city-states. He is recorded as having made successful punitive raids outside the borders of Assyria to clear Aramean and other tribal peoples from the regions surrounding Assyria in all directions. This marriage led to disastrous results for Babylonia, as the Kassite faction at court murdered the half Assyrian Babylonian king and placed a pretender on the throne. Shamshi-Adad I then went on to conquer the kingdom of Mari in modern Syria on the Euphrates putting another of his sons, hook up store in belize Yasmah-Adad on the throne there.

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Although regarded as an Amorite by Assyrian tradition, Shamshi-Adad's descent is suggested to be from the same line as the native Assyrian ruler Ushpia by the Assyrian King List. Not a single person will ever see the answers to your survey unless you give us specific permission to release them. Submit a well-lit selfie without sunglasses or anything covering your face. Puzur-Ashur I's descendants left inscriptions mentioning him regarding the building of temples to gods such as Ashur, Adad and Ishtar in Assyria.

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The timeline of the Assyrian Empire lists the kings, their successors and the major events that occurred in the Assyrian history. He also incorporated the hitherto nominally independent city of Shemshara into Assyria proper during this time. He then moved into north eastern Asia Minor, conquering Shupria.

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Timeline of the Assyrian Empire

The Oxford companion to the Bible. We got a good feeling about it! Syria Northern Mesopotamia Southern Mesopotamia c. Enter your information below to take our survey. The next four years saw bitter fighting in the heart of Babylonia itself, as the Assyrians tried to wrest back control.

Assyria was wealthy as the hub of the trading network at the height of the Old Assyrian Empire's activity. Puzur-Sin is believed to had been an otherwise unattested Assyrian monarch. This site was made specifically for Assyrians looking to match with other Assyrians. There are no online profile pages or pictures available to the public.

Neo-Babylonian Empire Chaldeans. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Assyria. Our clients can release their personal information in waves as they get to know a potential match. Shamshi-Adad I clearly kept a firm control on the actions of his sons, as shown in his many letters to them. The search starts with the survey.

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This is the perfect opportunity to get a lot of things out into the open between you and a potential match before ever having to meet in person. He maintained Assyrian domination over the Medes, Manneans and Persians to the east, Asia Minor and the southern Caucasus to the north and north west, and the Levant, Phoenicia and Aram in the west. Questions about family, work, ambitions and more.

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Cambridge University Press. The colonies traded tin, textiles, lapis lazuli, iron, antimony, copper, bronze, wool, and grain. The match limit also keeps our members invested in the matching process. This event showed how far Assyria could assert itself militarily when the need arose. Eriba-Adad I had thus finally broken Mitannian influence over Assyria, and in turn had now made Assyria an influence over Mitannian affairs.

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He is mentioned in Biblical sources as having conquered Israel and being responsible for deporting the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel to Assyria. This may suggest a fragmentation in the small Assyrian kingdom, with rival claims to the throne. Ashurbanipal built vast libraries and initiated a surge in the building of temples and palaces. Tukulti-Ninurta petitioned the god Shamash before beginning his counter offensive. The conquest by Esarhaddon effectively marked the end of the short-lived Kushite Empire.

  1. Matchmakers will screen all applicants and match pictures through online social media sources.
  2. At around this time, Gyges king of Lydia in western Asia Minor, offered his submission to Ashurbanipal.
  3. If a potential match is a miss after the basic level of information is shared, then another match will be offered as a replacement.
  4. Mass alliances against Assyria were not a new phenomenon.
  5. He managed to quell the civil unrest and stabilize the situation in Assyria.
  6. Tukulti-Ninurta I thus became the first Akkadian speaking native Mesopotamian to rule the state of Babylonia, its founders having been foreign Amorites, succeeded by equally foreign Kassites.
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