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Meanwhile, Newt does his best to ruin a new guy's chances with Sophie. Sawyer has to keep the birthday girl away to keep from ruining the surprise, and the two find out how much they have in common. They exchanged a certain look and Sawyer cleared his throat. Newt attempts to make a play for the spot himself. Pepper, Sophie, and Newt help decorate a room in Pepper's house for her new baby brother, but arguments over the theme and a disastrous spill on an expensive carpet complicate things.

So, she and her teammates fight to get the rule changed. She rushed over, just about he finally got it open, which unfortunately slammed into her face, taking her down. Elsewhere, Pepper doesn't know what she and Sawyer will do when her parents tell her she's not allowed to have a boyfriend. Meanwhile, Sophie assists Newt in a robot fighting competition, showing a stunning depth of knowledge in the subject of robotics.

Bella gives it away, but soon, she lies to Pepper about loving it, and has to get it back. Bella felt her stomach twist painfully, and her head started to daze. Troy and Bella will be teammates, with Sawyer and Newt on the other side of the line of scrimmage. Elsewhere, Troy and Newt are in for a surprise when they join the choir. Troy and Newt join the choir, with the former hoping to take advantage of the fact that he and Newt are the only boys in the choir, but Troy's in for a surprise.

Troy's attempts to cover Sophie's boycott cause him to have a revelation. He shrugged, he needed to look for his phone anyway, but it's not like she would leave me if I was crying.

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And Sophie has an elaborate way to get back at Sawyer for being the wrong target of a prank he was pulling. Elsewhere, Newt gets a wake-up call when a girl treats him the way he treats Sophie. Sophie and Pepper had picked out her outfit, done her makeup, in total she looked great. In karate class, Sophie and her male partner grow closer, so Newt tries to get in-between them.

She was already filled with sadness and humiliation but now she added angry. It still went on, if it were Newt he would have ran out as soon as he realized someone was here. Oh, she also gets caught trying to use her cell phone, which has been banned for the duration of the project. When Ace comes down with laryngitis, Pepper has to step in to do play-by-play.

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The lock appeared to be stuck as he struggled to open it. Yes, he could be self-conscious, controlling and kinda sexist, but she knew he had a heart of gold.

The girl who fills the spot, Nikki, ends up getting along with Sophie and Pepper far too much for Bella's liking, and Bella fears she's being replaced in their circle of friends, too. Anyway, ellen degeneres dating Bella gets her heart broken and her wide receiver is there to help out.

Troy, Sawyer, and Newt attempt to keep their annual bye week ritual a secret from Coach Russell. Elsewhere, Troy follows Sophie's advice when asking an older girl to go out with him. But Troy has some bad news for her.

She sat back, astounded by him. Your review has been posted. Pepper's mom is pregnant, and Sophie helps her learn how to be a big sister - especially if the baby is a boy. Was the Troy she had come to know actually being sweet?

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