Bhaktamar Stotra In Sanskrit

Bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit best collection of Lord Krishna high definition ringtones and wallpapers. Bhaktamara Stotra is believed to be at least a thousand years old, my hips dont lie song though many believe it to be still older. Bhaktamar stroth is acceptable to all follower of jainism.

Bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit words select and expressions deep I give Thine supreme attributes a peep Just as Shruti others sang Thy praise It was Indra and other celestials craze. The cuckoo sings sweet notes in the spring Buds of mango tree provide the urge Bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit idiotic like a laughing stock I sing Thy praise, devotion imparts the surge. Comparison of your lustrous face with the moon does not appear sanakrit. Spashtollasat kiranamasta tamo vitanam bimbam raveriva payodhara parshvavarti.

Nnambhodharodara niruddha maha prabhavah suryatishayimahimasi munindra! Brick Breaker is a whole new Arkanoid adventure! Bhaktamara Stotra is the most famous of the Jain prayers. The best collection of Lord Krishna high definition ringtones and wallpapers.

Yat kokilah kila madhau madhuram virauti tachchamra charu kalika nikaraika-hetuh. Ittham yatha tava vibhutirabhujjinendra!


Tubhyam namastribhuvanartiharaya natha Tubhyam namah kshititalamala bhushanaya. Raktekshanam samadakokila - kanthanilam, krodhoddhatam phaninamutphanamapatantam akramati kramayugena nirastashankas tvannama nagadamani hridi yasya punsah. So Acharya engrossed in deep Tapa or meditation.

You can get an answer to any question you ask by seeing the letter fallen by the dice. Your feet are radiant like fresh golden lotuses. Your divine grandeur is enchanting.


Prityatma viryam avicharya mrigi mrigendram nabhyeti kim nijashishoh paripalanartham. Try Google Play with Chrome. Right knowledge should be free from doubt and indefiniteness.


Failed to seduce Thee with her charm Celestial beauty could do no harm Mountain Meru is too steadfast Dooms day winds other mountains blast. Having duly bowed down at the feet of Bhagwan Adinath, the first Tirthankar, the divine glow of his nails increases luster of jewels of their crowns. This is a Blog in which we will keep on adding information on regular basis. It is no wonder that he who is engaged in praising your infinite virtues imbibing the virtues in his conduct attains your exhilarated position. Jainism or Jain Dharma is an antiquated religion.

Tulya bhavanti bhavato nanu tena kim va bhutyashritam ya iha natmasamam karoti. Indeed, dew drops on lotus-petals lustre like pearls presenting a pleasant sight. Yogishvaram viditayogamanekamekam jnanasvarupamanmalam pravadanti santah.

Ethics Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana. Jyanam yatha tvayi vibhati kritavakasham naivam tatha Hari Haradishu nayakeshu. Divyadhvanirbhvati te vishadartha sarva bhasha svabhava parinama gunaih prayojyah. Uchchairashokatarusamshrita munmayukham abhati rupamamalam bhavato nitantam. Seeing this the guards hurried to the king and told him about the event.

Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana. Obviously, who would like to drink the salty sea water after drinking fresh water of the divine milk-ocean, pure and comforting like the moonlight? Balam vihaya jala samsthitam indu bimbam anyah ka ichchhati janah sahasa grahitum. Serenity of Thine face is sanskrot Is feast for mortals celestial sight Moon trying to vie with it, is helpless Spot it has and obscurity in day light.

Bhaktamara Stotra

All the fourteen syllables of this meter are equally divided between short and long syllables i. Your glory is greater than that of the sun. It is not surprising that all the virtues have been packed into you, leaving no place for vices.

Your devotees are not afraid of water. Tvat sanstavena bhavasantati sannibaddhampapam kshanat kshayamupaiti sharirabhajam. Sitting under the Ashoka tree, the aura of your sparkling body gleaming, you look as divinely splendid as the halo of the sun in dense clouds, penetrating the darkness with its rays. Great poet Kalidas was one of the members of his assembly Royal Court.

What is Bhaktamar Stotra

This canopy has filtered the scorching sun rays. Mandara sundara nameru suparijata santanakadi kusumaotkra vrushti ruddha. Nnirdhumavartipavarjita taila purah kritsnam jagat trayamidam prakati karoshi.

Vibhrajate tava mukhabjamanalpakanti vidyotayajjagadapurvashashanka bimbam. Just fill out this quick form. As many indeed were the atoms filled with lustre of non-attachment, became extinct after constituting your body, therefore I do not witness such out of the world magnificence other than yours. Can even Brihaspati, the teacher of gods, with the help of his infinite wisdom, narrate your virtues spotless as the moonbeams? Bhaktamara Stotra is a famous Jain Sanskrit prayer.

Servants bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit to King and told about their failure. So don't forget to comeback again tommorow. God, you are the only one who can cure me. Servants do the same and thus Acharya were brought before King Bhoj.