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Meanwhile Leonard, hoping to find one common interest with Penny, asks her to watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer with him. Amy and Bernadette will go with their partners, but Penny dislikes parties at the store. When Howard confronts Lucy over her behavior, she gives him her phone number for Raj.

Instead, they chose to press the reset button and disrupt the familiar friendships. When Sheldon is accused of sexual harassment, he ends up getting Raj, Leonard and Wolowitz in trouble. Sheldon reluctantly takes care of her, as their Relationship Agreement stipulates that either partner take care of the other when sick.

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Before sex, Bernadette forbids all space talk, so he boycotts the party. Dungeon master Leonard sets up a Christmas theme where players must rescue Santa Claus from a gang of ogres, to Sheldon's chagrin as he hates Christmas. Though he is reluctant to hurt her by doing so, she then enjoys him spanking her as a punishment. He is so upset he even allows Amy to hug him.

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When he tries to escape from Howard's bedroom window, she pulls him back in. Meanwhile, Amy comes down with flu. The men and Stuart play Dungeons and Dragons without the women. On Penny's advice, Sheldon overcomes his jealousy, later toasting Leonard supportively at his bon voyage party.

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On the morning of the fishing trip, Howard and his father-in-law both admit their wives forced them into it. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Wolowitz while Howard's away on a trip. The Fish Guts Displacement. He lambastes them for losing her, but on hearing Cinnamon was found hours earlier, Bernadette makes Raj feel guilty for letting them worry so long.

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The Decoupling Fluctuation. Amy forces Raj to leave, so he crashes on Leonard and Penny's date. That night, Hawking phones to mock him for losing.

The women have meanwhile skipped work to go to Disneyland and be made up as Disney princesses. Taking their advice, she visits Leonard's lab, is fascinated by his work, is turned on, and has sex with him there - and whenever she visits his lab or he shows how smart he is, as at the party. The Parking Spot Escalation. The Contractual Obligation Implementation. Howard destroys the letter without reading it and otherwise acts strangely.

Realizing Alex is hitting on him, he is flattered at attention from two attractive women at once despite his commitment to Penny. They walk to a nearby diner where they report the theft to a police officer. The date goes well until he tries to force Lucy to reject her crab cakes.

Meanwhile, all Raj's friends are on dates, leaving him to ponder a solution to his loneliness. Leonard is jealous of Penny's British classmate Cole who works with her on an oral class project, afraid Cole is hitting on her. In a final scene, two car thieves enjoy the interstate highway quiz Sheldon programmed into Leonard's car navigation system. Back home, Bernadette's and Penny's costumes turn on their partners. Meanwhile, Howard moves into Bernadette's apartment after she reminds him he promised to move out of his house on returning from space.

Meanwhile, Raj keeps an eye on Mrs. Sheldon is distraught when Hawking stops playing, thinking he stopped after persistently losing. To Sheldon's dismay, Kripke's work is far superior and more advanced than his. To pacify his mother, who wants him to stay, and Bernadette, who doesn't, he lies to both. Amy handles Lucy well, but when Raj demands to know the status of their relationship, Lucy escapes to the bathroom.

Her delight turns to annoyance at frequent work interruptions to tend his hypochondria. Having no time to read the notebooks himself, he hires attractive female grad student Alex Jensen to do so. Sheldon and Leonard find out Dr. When Amy finds out about Alex, she is jealous and inspects Sheldon's office despite Penny's insistence that Alex has no interest in him.

Watch The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Online

Howard then visits Raj at his apartment to give him the number, where he is wearing just a pair of white briefs and Uggs. Amy points out that though Penny is unsure of her feelings for Leonard, subconsciously the thought of him with another woman bothers her. Bernadette has him stand up to them, but they drug him and draw a mouse face and his nickname Froot Loops on his face. The Tangible Affection Proof. Howard proposes Leonard for the team, though he is reluctant to leave Penny for four months.

The new tenured position that opens causes turbulence among Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj who are all potential candidates for it. He later tells Penny of his insecurity about other men hitting on her, and she finally confesses her love for him. Stuart and Raj later visit a bar to meet women, reminiscent of Howard and Raj's friendship. He picks the print but keeps it.

Sheldon surprisingly supports this erroneous theory to prevent colleagues discovering he is not the smartest person in Caltech. During the season, Kevin Sussman became a part of the main cast as Stuart Bloom. Sheldon is upset when the SyFy television series Alphas is cancelled on a cliffhanger, and he unsuccessfully calls the SyFy network to get it back on air. Meanwhile, sony vegas 10 for mac Leonard seduces Penny with science. He has also not ruled out having sex with her one day.

It is so bad that he rewrites it entirely, showing her in the morning, but she is angry and refuses to accept it, saying she will do all her college work unaided. She pretends to enjoy it to avoid hurting his feelings.

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