Diabetes Management Software

Diabetes management software

Glooko can remind patients to check their blood glucose levels, take medications and more. Fitness Assistant is a software program that tracks calories and net carbs great for diabetics. Also works on Linux systems. The logbook automatically colors the box red for a low blood sugar, and blue for a high blood sugar. Click heart shaped icon to add blood glucose report.

Just below this menu, there is another drop down menu, which lets you select the before and after of these meals. Diabetes-related supplies and medical equipment Insulin therapies. To manage your diabetic record, what you have to do is first measure your blood glucose level with the help of the available instrument and enter it in the empty box. What is diabetes software?

All have a different level of sophistication, but all are focused on some aspect of diabetes management, miss pooja new songs 2013 diabetes data presentation or diabetes devices. This is the only diabetes management software in this list which comes with multiple health management features. Introducing a list of best free diabetes management software for Windows. The power of mobile and cloud software can make it easier.

For example, if I measured my blood glucose level before lunch, then I select Before Lunch from the drop down menu. Cables allow you to connect the data in your meter to a blood sugar software program in your computer.

Sub-charts automatically break down to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night, as well as show pre-meal versus post-meal statistics. Apart from this, it also plots a graph with respect to the entered data automatically. Health Tracker is a simple program that helps you keep track of and graph any health related measurements. Time of day and basal rate in units per hour can be modified to create a custom basal rate pattern to match the insulin needs of the pump user.

Just below this list, you will find a calendar, which displays color stripes along with numerical values. It also plots a graph with respect to the entered data automatically. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner readings are lined up vertically to help look for trends. National Institutes of Health Diabetics Consultant is more of a reference than an application for tracking. Windows portable edition available.

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An interesting feature named Questions for the Doctor lets you save all your health related queries before a doctor visit so that you do not forget any of your queries when you visit doctor. This website uses cookies for marketing, analytics, and to enhance user experience. On the home screen of this free app, there is a blank box for entering the value of blood glucose level. Some of these modules include blood glucose, blood pressure, weight, temperature, diabetic hypoglycemia, cholesterol, pain, leg cramps, my doctor visits, several test reports, meal plan, etc. Moreover, if you have any health related queries, you can save them to ask your doctor in future.

In other cases, it is manually entered by the patient or their care team. It features many built-in modules which let you create reports for various medical data.

This curve also illustrates the dawn effect. Languages Deutsch Edit links. You can save diabetic data as well as other health related data, like blood glucose, weight, temperature, insulin, pain, meal plan, blood pressure, etc.

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With the help of these freeware, you can keep track of your blood glucose level. If you continue browsing our website, you accept these cookies. Free day full featured trial. There are medication reminders and alerts built in, as well.

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All in all, health diabetic software is an excellent free diabetes management software, which is not limited to manage diabetes. If your glucose level lies between normal and abnormal range, it is displayed by orange colored stripe. The blood glucose readings are plotted at their level versus the time of day. Health Diabetic Software is a free diabetes management software in this list.

In the example pie chart shown, it appears there is an opportunity to improve morning lows and afternoon highs with insulin adjustments. After entering the value, select the type of meal, i. If you know of any other useful software for people with diabtes, please contact us. At last, select the date and time on which you measured your blood glucose level.

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Diabetes software from Glooko. It is an advanced software which not only lets you manage diabetes record but also provides you a feature to add health records other than diabetes.

Besides this, you can also add further details to your report by adding the part of day. You can email or view all of your data on your free GlucoseBuddy.

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All data is synchronized and viewable at mytelcare. For caregivers, Glooko allows customization of flags that highlight at-risk patients at the individual and aggregate level.

Diabetes Software

Features of mobile diabetes applications J Med Internet Res. Mobile Software Multiple Systems Insulin Pump Timer reminds you when to refill insulin, change infusion sets, or do other repetitive tasks.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You can also add the date and time on which you measured your blood glucose level. Android For a comprehensive, up-to-date list of the thousands of titles that are available, you will need to view the Google Play Store.

The insulin to carbohydrate ratio is stored in the pump as a function of the meal eaten time of day. For a comprehensive, up-to-date list of the thousands of titles that are available, you will need to view the Google Play Store. Moreover, you can also select the type of a graph as a line graph, bar graph, or area graph.