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Double your dating vs mystery method, is David DeAngelo a Scam?

Is David DeAngelo a Scam?

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Double Your Dating

What did we pay for, exactly? Attract Women Through Honesty is better.

So my intention is to offer both sides and let you decide. Different women are attracted to different things.

Now I wanted to present the other side of the David Deangelo picture. More than one supposed former customers claims this marketing bleeds over into the realm of the Internet scammer. Women may also find this book insightful, it's essentially female-friendly but it doesn't gloss over any difficult truths so do approach it with an open mind. Mutual respect and consent is of course at the heart of his message. Take everything the sales letter says with a grain of salt.

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After researching direct marketing, he starting marketing Double Your Dating, a highly successful e-book which teaches men how to meet women. So I wanted to familiarize you with some of the complaints about David Deangelo seduction tips and his entire dating program. In the end, having the confidence to pick up a woman, and to keep trying with other women after getting shot down by the first, alternative emo dating site is the most useful dating tool you can have. And different men have different styles and strengths.

Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo

We liked the Badass system because it gives men a better way to understand women. This is good advice in any case, because there are so many hidden charges when we use the plastic. We also let them view the training videos, read the free articles, and Google around.

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This guy is admittedly one of the very best at sneaky marketing tricks so people pull out their wallets. Further research shows that David DeAngelo was a real estate and mortgage broker in San Diego, but he decided to get into direct marketing and sales. We were unimpressed by how much of the book was simply a regurgitation of the free material. Finding single men on the internet is like finding seaweed in the ocean.

Even now that I'm in a relationship I still refer to the ideas in this book from time to time as a reminder of sorts. No one approach works for all women. Here are a few quotes from the test group.