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These alternative aspects are to be included within the scope of the disclosure and claims appended hereto. As such, these aspects are not intended to limit the innovation in any way.

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Moreover, it will be understood that most any wireless communication devices can be employed in connection with alternative aspects. The photo management component can be employed to receive, manipulate, configure and render photos in connection guidelines set forth in numerous games. To the accomplishment of the foregoing and related ends, internet dating is soul destroying certain illustrative aspects of the innovation are described herein in connection with the following description and the annexed drawings.

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As described above, the game application can be suspended while one-on-one communication takes place. For instance, in accordance with the profiles, it is not uncommon for a participant to be untruthful with respect to personal characteristics such as, age, height, weight, income, profession, etc.

As described above, this communication session can be a voice call, a video call, picture messaging, a text messaging session, or combination thereof. Thereafter, user's client devices display a feedback screen. In other words, the recorded state can be recalled thereby effectuating the restoration of the application in accordance with the state just prior to the commencement of the communication.

However, at the scheduled time, the application may not be active therefore requiring a prompt or auto-launch to make the application available to accomplish the connection. As well, it will be understood that these components can be external to the connection interface component without departing from the spirit and scope of this innovation and claims appended hereto. Turning now to a discussion of timed voice games, these games are similar to random voice games except that the calls are timed. Once the game is initiated, each of the user's clients displays a profile of a potential mate for brief timed period. It will be understood and appreciated that the user profiles or other criteria can be employed in order to facilitate matching candidates within gaming environments.

By way of particular example, the communication system component can be employed to connect parties in a chat room environment where anonymity is desired. In the following description, for purposes of explanation, numerous specific details are set forth in order to provide a thorough understanding of the subject innovation. Additionally, the inquiry configuration component can be employed to configure the inquiry for delivery to the other participants. To this end, it will be understood that the features of anonymous communication and application e.

Either before or after agreeing to play, preferences for criteria of a potential friend or mate can be set by each user. For instance, theme-based games such as trivia e. These and other features will become more evident upon a review of the figures that follow. The functionality of each of these components will be described in greater detail with respect to the figures that follow.

It will be understood that this feedback can be used by the system to increase member confidence, match the user to other potential candidates, etc. Most often, this communication is un-moderated which, unfortunately, enables untruthfulness and lack of full disclosure. It may be evident, however, that the innovation can be practiced without these specific details. In operation, these components can administer photos and inquires as used in games or other social networking activities. As stated above, it is to be understood that anonymous communication is optional to the innovation and is not to be considered limiting to the scope of the disclosure in any manner.

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The following examples are directed to photo-based games. It will be appreciated that the aforementioned functionality is not traditionally possible because most conventional wireless devices e. In one example, there are no time limits on the calls, and the matching process could potentially be random, well-determined, or a pre-determined.

The parties can schedule the call to occur immediately, or at some later time. The two remaining users leader plus the surviving user can then communicate privately. Turning now to a couple examples of photo-based gaming environments. Accordingly, the connectivity available via the Internet is frequently used to chat, socialize and communicate with friends and family.

Next, a stop block is reached. As will be described in detail below, the games can include most any game or type of entertainment.

In other instances, well-known structures and devices are shown in block diagram form in order to facilitate describing the innovation. In an example, the pictures can be representative of the user's face, torso, hips, legs, and feet. It is to be understood and appreciated that, in all the aforementioned example games, if any other users leave the game for whatever reason, they are replaced by users of the same sex. While other aspects reveal the crushes in hopes to solicit a mutual-crush. Inference can be employed to identify a specific context or action, or can generate a probability distribution over states, for example.

As users play the game, they can view the questions being asked, as well as user profiles of the other participants. Effectively, the inquiry management component can be employed in games or activities where questions are posed to individuals to learn more about them, flirt, etc. It will be appreciated that the latter could provide a humorous view of what the two would look like as a couple. These alternative aspects are to be included within the scope of this disclosure and claims appended hereto. Rather, it is to be understood that identity information can be conveyed as desired in accordance with alternative aspects.

These crushes stay hidden until there is a match or mutual-crush. As an added effect, a feature control bar could be employed that would allow the users to have fun increasing or decreasing the amount of features of either user. Its sole purpose is to present some concepts of the innovation in a simplified form as a prelude to the more detailed description that is presented later. This replacement can be made based upon most any criteria including, but not limited to, participation history, profile data, tag data, wait time, etc.

By way of example, if the target participant is using a landline to participate, text-to-speech mechanisms and vice-versa can be used to effect the functionality described above. Thereafter, the application is suspended and a call or other desired type of communication commences. By suspending the application, the user will be able to continue within the game at the place in time preceding the acceptance of the invitation. Essentially, the innovation enables games with only text, games with voice, games with video, picture-based video, picture-based voice, picture-based text, as well as combinations thereof.