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Iittala dating, iittala expands to new markets

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Jaffe Rose British importer Murano glass paper label. Fiskars has the right to purchase the shares later. Vetro Artistico Venezianoi Murano glass foil label. Salviati Murano glass plastic label.

Buyer s Guide Tapio Wirkkala

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Other Swedish Glassworks

Veritable Opaline Florence Italian glass foil label. These are either inset with curving, stylised leaf shapes in contrasting woods, or are cut from a wood with a heavy and accentuated linear grain. It frequently changed and one can suppose that people were sometimes confused as to which numbering system they should use.

Fiskars and the Iittala Group have surprisingly few overlapping operations. Iittala Finnish glass clear plastic label - white text. The acquisition of Iittala Group is a logical step in our strategy, which looks for growth in areas that suit us and our brand portfolio naturally. Press and stock exchange releases from Fiskars Corporation, dating from have been gathered onto this page. Press releases Press and stock exchange releases from Fiskars Corporation, dating from have been gathered onto this page.

  1. Humppila Finnish glass black plastic label.
  2. Schott Zwiesel German glass foil label.
  3. Vasart Scottish glass paper label.
  4. Murano glass plastic label.
  5. Caithness British glass plastic label.

Davidson British glass paper label. Orrefors Swedish glass foil label. It's best to buy these pieces from a reputable, knowledgeable dealer who will stand behind their merchandise when investing large sums in these wares. Here, those same waves are rendered in a rich green glass. Looking for clever stocking stuffers?

This explains why sometimes the same item is found with different markings - it is likely that the item was produced at different times when different numbering systems were in place. For much of the year, Tapio Wirkkala would immerse himself in the isolated surroundings of his northern Lapland home. One day when noticing the base sections sitting on their own in the factory, they were inspired to turn them into candle holders-and so the prototype of a new classic was born.

One of a number of different marks used by the Daum factory in Nancy, France. Dartington English glass paper label. Cenedese Murano glass foil label.

Iittala expands to new markets

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. Packages of marbles made from on included this logo on some boxes, but the marbles were not actually marked. Globally, the Corporation's best known products are its orange-handled scissors and its garden tools. Although our objects look pure and simple in form, dating speed making them is far from easy.

Westmoreland Glass Company. Quezal Art Glass and Decorating Co. This particular mark was used through the s. Of asymmetric leaf-like form, they curve beautifully in three dimensions and, as such, good hookup iphone apps are typical of the Scandinavian Modern aesthetic of the s. The problem with Kosta Boda is that they did not use a uniform numbering system throughout their production.

It is sometimes confused with Anchor Hocking Glass Co. Add style to your flower arrangements with this ceramic urban square vase in white that is perfect for modern event themes. Galliano Ferro Murano glass paper label.

Rosenthal Glazed White Porcelain Crushed Paper Bag Vase Sculpture

Italian glass paper label used on Empoli glassware. Fratelli Toso Murano glass paper label. Generic Italian glass paper label. Alrose importer Empoli glass foil label. This is the mark for Hazel Atlas Glass Co.

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History of Swedish Glass

Schott Zwiesel German glass paper label. Elwell's foil retail label, found on Nazeing glass. Some marks are faint due to the fire polished finishing each piece received, and not all Heisey pieces are marked. Engraved marks like these were traced with an aluminum pencil making them more legible on the glass. Most of the marked items tend to be footed pieces such as goblets and glasses of varying types.

This item has been added to your wish list. Krosno Glass Polish glass plastic label. Alsterbro Swedish glass paper label.

How to date Kosta Boda

This is Iittala

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The aim is to pursue synergies by consolidating certain parts of the Housewares division of Fiskars Brands into Iittala Group where the market areas are shared. Generic Swedish glass paper label, found on Elme vase. Tables with basic geometric metal frames and rectangular wooden tops are more typical.

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Pukeberg Swedish glass clear plastic label - white text. Chance Glass English glass foil label. This Memorial Day, show your appreciation for the stars and stripes with these decorative finds.

All Toikka Birds by iittala

Many pieces of Fenton are unmarked but can be identified by studying the styles, colors, and shapes made by this prolific manufacturer. Iittala Group is an interesting and growing company with products and know-how that complement our own. Having a bright, colorful home certainly isn't for everyone, but adding a pop of vibrant flair can complement any decorating style. Stelvia Italian glass foil label close up, showing logo of fleur-de-lis and lion.

  • Looking for something to give the foodie in your life?
  • Keep your home looking evergreen with the shimmering jewel tones of the Iittala Aalto Vase - Emerald.
  • His early curving forms were often inspired by fungus and buds.
  • Aino and Alvar Aalto believed objects should be essential, beautiful, useful and democratically available to all.
Press releases

The pieces are then hand cut and go through several polishing and finishing steps before they are completed, creating a piece worthy of permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art. We have always pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Kosta Swedish glass paper label.

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Mtarfa Maltese glass paper label. Generic Made in Italy glass foil label. Stelvia Italian glass foil label.

Lindshammar Sweden Gunnar Ander Swedish glass paper label. Carlo Moretti Murano glass clear plastic label. Kings Lynn English glass paper label.

Home Glass Shop Encyclopaedia Contact. The closing of the transaction is subject to approval by the competition authorities. Early pieces may be unmarked. The acquisition of Iittala Group will strengthen Fiskars and make it a leading housewares company especially in the Nordic region. Federal made many marked Depression-era salt and pepper shakers and kitchenware items in a variety of colors in addition to Depression glass dinnerware sets.

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