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You can simply reply to the request as you would any other request from an individual. The only difference is that your response will be automatically published on the Internet.

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Are the people making requests real people? If you have a gbatemp account you can also leave a reply in the thread. Requesters are encouraged to mark when they have clarified their request so the clock resets, but sometimes they get this wrong. Do you publish email addresses or mobile phone numbers? Most importantly it will encourage the public to be more interested and involved in the work of government.

But really, how do you calculate the deadline? If you think our making a document available on the internet infringes your copyright, you may contact us and ask us to take it down. It is updated as more anti-piracy fixes are made.

Delivery is delivery, even if it happened on the weekend. Moreover, since all requests are public it is much easier for you to see if one of our users is making vexatious requests. If you see a problem with a particular request, let us know and we'll fix it. We are sending requests on behalf of our users, who are real people making the requests. Look at it like this - if lots of different people made requests from different Hotmail email addresses, then you would not think that Microsoft were making vexatious requests.

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It is exactly the same if lots of requests are made via InfoLib. InfoLib is not making any requests. We think it would help everyone to have more of that complexity visible.

Occasionally, an email address forms an important part of a response and we will post it up in an obscured form in an annotation. If they fail to do that, it is best if they show the hard work they are doing by explaining what is taking the extra time to do. Every public authority and private entity shall promptly respond to all requests for information it receives, be it by post, e-mail, or hand delivery.

First of all, check if the current infolib. That said, hook up real relationship InfoLib does show the maximum legal deadline for response on each request.

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