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Ricci plays a reporter afraid of telling her new boyfriend Brancatisano, c. As Richard has been building his successful career very rapidly, house of fish dating we suppose he'll open up about his love life with Erin soon.

Unbeknownst to the two of them, Brenna happens to also be Finn's bone marrow donor. Alycia Grant as Meg, April's friend from her cancer support group. In the Christmas special, Brenna came out as bisexual.

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Susan Hamburg, April's doctor. In fact, in one of his post, he is often seen kissing one girl very passionately.

Andy Mientus as Jackson, a fellow cancer patient from April and Leo's cancer support group. The pair has been together for six amazing years. Mystic Force and Dominic Russo. Shortly after, he passes away in his sleep. You're reacting the way the character would react then.

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Therefore a lot of his fans are curious about his love life. How will he handle the news?

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Thomas had an affair resulting with Natalie's birth many years ago, which only Sara and George knew about. It's about the journey, not about the end. Breaks up with April after finding out she hadn't told him about cancer.

They go through a rough patch when Brenna gets involved with Greer, but she is shown to be fiercely loyal. She works as a therapist but her training has not helped her better relate to people outside the office. Abhi Sinha as Danny Gupta, April's former co-worker turned friend. Haley Ramm as Brenna Carver, April's rebellious teenage sister, who went into a bad place after her father's death. April's secret, like Cathy's, inevitably affects everyone around her.

Just as things start to look up at work, home, and on the romance front with co-worker Dominic, April finds out from an estranged uncle that she has leukemia. Eventually asks April to marry him, and she says yes and they get married. Also a love interest of April. Known to the world as a famous novelist, his personal life remains a mystery that his daughters are trying to sort through.

He is not just talented but also equally enriched with good looks, charm, amazing personality and a great physique. And the one with the kiss? Apart from the fact you're always eager to see the next script, it keeps you in the moment. All of those beautiful faces on his social networking are of his co-stars or work colleagues.

In the midst of struggling with the changes in April's life, she starts dating popular classmate Greer, her parents disapprove of her and forbid them from seeing each other. Almost everyone knows somebody who has cancer. George Carver, April and Brenna's paternal uncle, who has a romantic interest in Sara. How much can she build the relationship before she tells him?

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