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Don't you think that there would be some kind of record for that? What are your memories of being in the Olympics? If that is the case, his photo-free plan clearly backfired, as his eviction from the mansion has since become the stuff of celeb legend. It would have been incredible to see, but Statham dropped out of talks, and the character never showed up in the second season of the hit show. On the other hand, I would be very surprised if there were any newspaper references from to that supported the date.

But taking the article dates into account it seems that you are right, but some other references can't be used. In any case, I am not saying you are wrong, but there will have to be overwhelming sourcing to change the birth date now. Refusing to pose for photos with the girls.

However, he had been in categories for the and Summer Olympics. But since you opened the door, I thought I'd offer some clarification.

Plus, all the references direct to not-very-reliable sources, such as newspapers article. The reference are not proving anything, so why keeping insisting without good sources? With that being the case, Statham would have to be directly quoted by reliable sources as to his exact birth-date and maybe even show his drivers license to a reliable source. The original research you are trying to get added into the article, is against policies here.

Yes, Jason was a diver for the British team. Not everyone is as talented as you are, Jason! Unfortunately for Statham, he didn't do his reasearch on Uwe Boll. But I do agree with you that Statham himself giving his age in interwiew is probably what happen, houston latina singles dating but failure to demonstrate better evidence is what the problem is here. Statham when you need him?

Newspapers are reliable, but they can certainly make mistake on people age, like i can hear on tv often. What is the name of his wife or girlfriend again?

The movie has been delayed so many times. Note that a reliable source is defined here. Personal claims aren't necessarily acceptable as legitimate data.

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How do you look back on that? Or have you been studying martial arts on your own, and if so what style? Your analyse is quite impressive. British articles are more so reliable now as hes British and his people are proud of him. He spent time with champion Damon Hill before filming the remake of The Italian Job to ensure that he was more than capable of holding his own in the car chase scenes.

People magazine and Men's Health Magazine published in the U. Let just wait to see someone coming with rock solid evidence.

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Statham was tied to the nose of the seaplane, where he was buffeted by mph winds during the dangerous stunt. But if you really want a reason, you could look into the fact that Statham was already involved in one video game-based project, the Dungeon Siege movie. The actor and his ex-girlfriend, Kristin Cavallari, partied into the wee hours of the morning at the music festival, before absconding with the golf cart and ending up on a main road. Source conflicts with sources already in article.

How is his surname pronounced? Im suprised they are blocked as spam!

Closing multiple requests for same edit The following discussion has been closed. Corey Yuen doesn't want to make too much of a specific style, and wants to incorporate different styles. But I can't find a green light for him to star in the movie, although the fan base wants this.

Did you get martial arts training specifically for this movie? The plane engine had been leaking, and it could have literally fallen out of the sky! And the heinous behavior that got him kicked out?

Taking on a ridiculous number of bad guys, his character Frank Martin has to resort to some interesting tactics. Is there an open discrepancy about his age? The scene ends with Statham using the oil like a slip and slide to burst out of a window and into the water below.

The character is a bird-inspired villain who uses his powers of flight, super strength, and high-level intelligence to battle the human Spider. It allows him to literally slip between their fingers, before snapping the pedals off a bike and using them to gain both traction and an advantage.

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There's a credibility issue with personal reports. Could anybody actually confirm that he is playing Butler? We need more recent references.

Why hire a guy whose never seen the light of a box office success one word cheaper. Two or three times, according to the actor himself. Can anyone tell me if it was him or not. First, he gets shirtless something to make many viewers extremely happy!

If discrepancies exist, we report the information in a format that credits the data presented to the respective outlets. It's just copying Wikipedia at this point.