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We have also ensured that we have retained most of our talent from restaurant manager level upwards during the difficult phase of our company. Entrepreneurship is a tough business. Profits will grow with scaling up of the business. It requires staying power and perseverance on the part of entrepreneurs.

Also, focus on growth of topline even if it means sacrificing profits in short-term. In your mind, what is it in your business that has helped you raise venture capital funding for your company? Any lessons you learnt that you would like to share with entrepreneurs re the fund raising process? Most investors focus on late-stage private equity deals of multi-million dollar size.

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We have heard of many entrepreneurs who become investors, you are following the reverse route! Plan a business that can be built into a large enterprise. You can say, I got sucked into full-time entrepreneurship gradually. Build entry barriers for competition. We have achieved it through regular interactions and communication about our vision, growth plans and innovativeness.

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Do not get into it because it appears glamorous. This is a test of leadership skills of the entrepreneur. Venture capital investors like a growing business.

With most industrial sectors booming, employment opportunities are aplenty and retention of staff a very difficult task. My prior experience in venture industry clearly helped me define the initial goals to be achieved before tapping external capital. There is nothing about entrepreneurship that I dislike.

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The entrepreneurial passion among team members can, to some extent, make up for this handicap. Initially, I had planned my involvement in the venture to be much like that of a venture investor, providing strategic inputs to an operating team. An early-stage investor assesses three important parameters in a business. He invests in the management team, a business idea that is scalable and can be built into a large enterprise, and a product offering that stands differentiated in the marketplace.

Our team members have seen opportunities in Kaati Zone and have benefited from our growth. We had planned to build out the concept on a pilot scale in Bangalore before moving to markets overseas, dong wook da hae dating quotes but things changed as we moved forward. They may not necessarily like a business that is profitable but growing moderately.

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