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Run it back up their chest and neck and place it in their mouth, then they do the same to you. Who can make the ice cube last the longest wins and gets to choose who goes next.

Our free kissing games will keep you entertained for hours! You can let your imagination run wild and change the rules as you proceed with the game.

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When you find one kiss it. All you want to do now is kiss them. Meet Singles in your Area! For instance, seductively, passionately, or slowly. On a piece of paper, create a list that matches each number combination with a part of your body.

Any of the people watching might turn around any second and if they catch you kissing there will be consequences. When playing a kissing game you need to have quick reflexes and great timing. Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of people hanging around who really want to ruin the moment.

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Roll the dice twice, the first time getting the body part where to kiss, the second roll indicating the way to kiss. If they catch you kissing they will stop you. Each new level will get harder and harder as the people trying to stop you get smarter. For example, if you roll a two, you will kiss your partner's forehead, if you roll a five, then you will give her a kiss in the lips. When the ice melts, start again.

Kissing Games for Couples

Once you have played a few games and understand how they work, you can create your own kissing adventures. Supermarket Kissing In kissing games you have already found your sweetheart. Ice Games There is something enticing and incredibly sexy about using ice when you are kissing your partner. The longer you can spend kissing during the round, murdoc and noodle dating websites the better your final score will be.

Depending on the type of kissing games you are playing you will either get a better score or you will proceed to the next level quicker. Dice Games You will need two dice to play this game. Try holding an ice cube in your mouth and running it around your partners body until it melts away completely. The longer you can keep the kiss going the better.

John London If you want to inject a bit of romance and intimacy into your relationship, kissing games are a fun way to do it. With others it will be game over as soon as you are caught. Some kiss games will give you a few lives and each time you are caught you will lose one until you run out. Take turns at rolling the dice and then kissing the body part that you have rolled.

Once you start kissing make sure you get your timing right and break the kiss before anyone starts looking again. Once you have grown accustomed to that, you can create another list, with each number corresponding to the way you want to be kissed. When your partner can deduce what the magic word is, choose a new one. Or, start with an ice cube in your mouth and run it down your partner's chest until you reach their waist.

Alternatively draw a line starting at your foot and winding up and around your body until it reaches your lips. There are two main types of kissing games. Word Games At the beginning of each day, decide on a specific word, but do not tell it to your partner.

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