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Led strip hook up, how to customize your ride with diy led strip lighting

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Nothing looks as festive as a bunch of bright, colorful lights concentrated into a tight space. Be gentle and make sure the mounting tray is securely closed or the lights will not light up. Clean the bottoms of your cabinets so the lights stick firmly. When positioning your strip, make sure that you velcro it with the wiring pointing toward the battery.

Connect the switch to the positive terminal on the battery. This is the big kahuna from Mean Well, watch dating in the dark a W single output switching power supply. Peel the top layer off to expose the ends.

This will help you find the wattage of your system easily and then select the appropriate power supply. Next, decide where you want to place the lights and how long the strip needs to be. You'll notice that the examples in this tutorial all include the line strip. Experiment with various positions before you commit to the final installation.


You'll need to install the library. This will make it easier to use them later. This will help the adhesives stick better. Clean the hard surfaces where you plan to hang your lights. There are several different ways to wire the lights to a power source.

How to wire and connect LED strip lights
Beginners Guide to Individually Addressable RGB LED Strips The

If you want to get more bang for your battery-buck, there are a few tricks you can use. You can even use a spare nine-volt battery you have around to test the strips. We've broken down the example code into a few separate sketches that each have a fun animation.

You connect it to the chassis or something that's made of conductive metal. Use a clean rag to wipe the areas where you want to hang the lights and dry them off promptly. In most models of motorcycle, you will find the battery located beneath the seat.

For help there, check out our installing Arduino libraries tutorial. Be sure to check your local laws before adding lights to your vehicle. Connecting multiple strips to one source throws a loop in the project as there is usually just one connection to the power source. With your positioning picked out and your velcro applied, song ji you can now adhere the strips to your motorcycle.

Use painters tape or masking tape to position your lights to see what locations work best. The lights have an adhesive backing. For our example code, we'll be making use of Adafruit's fantastic NeoPixel library.

3 Easy Ways to Install LED Lights on a Motorcycle - wikiHow
How to Customize Your Ride With DIY LED Strip Lighting

12 Volt LED Light Strips Powering and Wiring - LEDSupply Blog

Keep the wires taut or else they have more chances of falling down. Cookies make wikiHow better. Your exact wiring for your installation will depend on your specific vehicle, what electrical mods you may already have and when you want the lights to turn on and off. This is important for the next few steps.

This connection also requires an additional piece of wire with a connection to the switch soldered at one end and a ring terminal soldered at the other. Just make sure you disconnect it from the motorcycle first. Slowly and carefully push the strip up against the cabinet surface so it sticks to the wood in the right location.

  • You also have the option of cutting the connector off your strip and just making wire to wire connections using solder or wire nuts.
  • When installed correctly, the connectors should not be loose and should provide a secure connection.
  • Finally, run the negative wires to the battery, solder them together, and connect them to the negative terminal using a solder ring.
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Then I started hooking up the wires behind the center stack before affixing the lights. After verifying that all wiring was done properly and the lights were working, I mounted the lights to the center stack trim. Ensure that you disconnect the motorcycle battery before you get started. Always exploring and staying active outdoors while keeping a close eye on different trends and new technologies that could change the world for the better.

This is a great time to clean out some of the dust that has accumulated from our many off-road trips! It creates a crawling lights effect in red on a white background, services matchmaking like an animated candy cane! This end will fit over the positive terminal on the battery before you tighten it down.


How to Customize Your Ride With DIY LED Strip Lighting

You can always solder them back together if you change your mind! Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Use connector pieces to keep the strips flush in the corners.

How to Run LED Lights From a 12v Battery

Gone are the days that you have to worry about silicone weather proofing splitting and breaking on you! Sometimes, rather than run long lengths of wire and split up the wires going from the power supply, customers will choose to use separate power supplies in different areas. The roll contains lights, and they are typically available in white, red, yellow, green, blue and multicolored. This can be done a few ways. Do this on both sides, so the fuse runs seamlessly.

Any larger than and the lighting becomes much more expensive, and runs much hotter, speed bringing heatsinking and temperature control into the mix. Click here for more about us. Take a sharp pair of scissors and cut along the line. Did this article help you?

You should additionally splice your in-line fuse into this portion of the wiring. Join our mailing list to get discounts, discover innovative products, and inspirational projects. Some kits may also have a key fob remote control for the lights, in which case you will also need to run the antenna wire down the frame of the motorcycle to improve reception. Did this summary help you?

Light Up Your Life

You will connect one end to the ground terminal of your switch, and you will connect the other end to the metal frame of your motorcycle. These power supplies typically come in more discrete sizes and can be much easier to hide within walls or wherever needed. This one is my favorite of the NeoPixel example animations.

Place a connector in the other side of the clip so the strip can lay flush along the corners. Run the first strip straight from the power source. View or Download our free Digital Magazines Today! Test the strip by attaching the positive lead wire to the positive terminal on a battery and connecting the negative lead wire to the negative side of the battery terminal.

  1. Contact us with any questions about installation or product selection!
  2. Solderless Connector Connection Guide.
  3. Caged, Open Frame Power supplies are fantastic for using multiple strips as they have two channels with terminal ports where multiple strips could go in each.
  4. Pick a comfortable location where you will later mount the switch.
  5. The lights need to be cut in groups of three.
  6. The first thing you should do is test your lights to make sure they work before you start cutting and soldering.

How to connect an LED power supply

Attach the strips to your motorcycle. Using thin velcro strips instead can give you plenty of adhesion while also giving you the option to move them at will. Make sure you follow the positive side of the flex strip down through the solderless connector wire to the power supply. It's very bright, super vivid, and easy to hookup.

How to Run LED Lights From a 12v Battery

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