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Los matraces de fondo plano no son tan resistentes o durables como los matraces de fondo redondo. So, what does the disappearance of image mean? There are a lot written by and about the artist, analyzing his conceptual approachings and artistic viewpoints. What is a flat-bottomed flask used for?

Nothing happens easily in Italy. While when looked from afar these places create a visual dissolution effect, when you get closer they aim at your perception that they are a unity of data the codification on the electronic circuits. In other words, we utterly experience a space dissolution. In short, when the thing referring to reality disappeared, human brain became more vulnerable to several foreign attacks.

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First of all, it is crucial to state that what has become to direct almost our entire life and current events surrounding us is the digital media and its systems. Just like the case that darkness is no longer needed to create light, formation of photography does not require a real object or topic anymore. Today, on the other hand, we are forced to witness recreation of an image, which does not exist, through computational processing. Es un tipo de frasco con un fondo plano, un cuerpo en forma de cono y un cuello en forma de cilindro.

Matraz aforado Estos matraces son piezas de laboratorio, calibrados para contener una cantidad precisa de volumen a una temperatura particular. Gracias a sus lados estrechos y cuello delgado, este matraz permite que los contenidos puedan ser mezclados al agitarse, sin riesgo de derramarse. La capacidad de comprender es casi pasada por alto. This age has become to be an era, doctors dating lawyers to which virtual images are dominant. Images are created out of nothing.

Recently what I most pay attention to is whether I am ready to produce and create. These digital food chains work just like the functioning system of organs in our bodies. While it renders visible what we do not want to see, it also exposes us to a social estrangement.

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Como artista mi meta es examinar e intentar comprender mi entorno en vez de tomar fotos. Mobile phones, e-mails, social communication networks are inseparable entities for each of us.

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They really bring me different points of view. Los matraces redondos deben ser usados con un sistema de laboratorio para apoyarlos y que no se caigan. Image no longer needs reality to form itself. Formerly, while distinguishing real and fake events, there was evidence regarding the relationship between subjects and objects.

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