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He must complete a range of snoopy tasks in each level which include picking locks, disabling lasers, fooling security cameras, and more! Sydney's Astro Tracker Learn about different asteroids in this fast-moving, asteroid tagging game!

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Building, Gadgets, Wildlife, Dress Up. Clear all marbles in the line on each level to progress. Close Download our app for the best mobile experience.

Investigate and solve cases! Smart analytical thinking and memory skills also come into play because you often have to remember codes to unlock doors and elevators! Clean up and sort all of the waste in Cyberspace. In between plays, you must utilize good organization and management skills to whip your team into shape. This game is currently not ready for playing, it's in beta testing right now, we'll announce when it's ready.

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Curious George Flower Garden Grow a flower garden! Depending on the level, you usually have multiple mushroom patches with three or four mushrooms in each.

Harder Game Fidgit Build a Fidgit room, start a challenge and share it with friends! Help save the park from Buzz and Delete! You will have to solve each puzzle as better as you can and have so much fun here. Bubble Fighting Tournament.

Use your Marble Blaster to fire new marbles into the line, one after another. Your quick reactions will be tested as there are so many marbles creeping their way along the path. Help stop Odd Todd's pienado.

Take on computer opponents in once-off match-ups, or attempt to guide your team all the way through the playoffs in the awesome full-season campaign mode! Bob will need your help while he avoids surveillance cameras, high-tech alarms, and a few of the toughest security guards on the planet. Build a city for the Fidgits that will stay safe and dry during a flood. How many times can you make it go around and around in this silly action game?

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Smart team management and strategy are key! Make sure there is a clear path through the garden. They come out of nowhere and the atmosphere gets intense if they are waiting around for an order! The other players then play one card each. Can you create some slime that looks super gross and super cool too?

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Halloween, Friends, Problem Solving. This is called Shooting the Moon. You have to be Quick-On-Your-Toes to keep up!

If you've been given a beta-testing code by CardGames. Games in Videos Learn Spanish and play games while watching videos of Noah and friends!

Games Online Games for Free. Online Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes Museum Game is a very funny and addicting puzzle and adventure game in one. This online version of the classic card game Hearts was made by me.

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Martha Speaks Martha Seeks Help the pups dig for bones! You have to help Nurse Suzy find her belongings and bring order to the hospital. Find out what your family members were like when they were your age! Planet Pinball It's pinball time!


Spin the toy as many times as you can, earn coins and buy upgrades! What is Shooting the moon? Plant seeds and tend to a garden with Abby and Elmo!

So why not create some virtual slime instead with this awesome online game? Habitats, Environment, 3gp mobile funny clips Wildlife. Martha Speaks How do you Measure Up?