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The book was a really fun read and the movie has exactly the same feel, too bad it's too short. When the gunman inserts another magazine and is about to kill Odd, Odd shoots and kills him instead. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Stormy was killed in the mall shooting and he has been spending time with her lingering spirit. They were interested only in his mother's money.

Odd has a vision of faceless people wearing bowling shirts who cry out to him to save them. His adventures are hair-raising and entertaining so, go on, treat yourself. Odd has the power to see yet he can not communicate with them. Superb job from the screen writers. In a feature film adaptation of the first novel was set for release.

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Dean Koontz

They are called bodachs and feed on the pain of others. Odd Thomas Yelchin is a psychic who lives in a small town in California. Eckles, Varner, and Gosset killed Robertson's mother with his permission and gave him her ears as a trophy. This same boy was killed soon after revealing that he could see these spirits, Odd wonders if the boy was killed because the Bodachs realized that he could see them. It was announced in February that Anton Yelchin was cast to play the title role.

Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz. Odd travels to Las Vegas to continue his crusade to help the living and the lingering dead, believing that he is not yet worthy of an afterlife with Stormy. Odd learns that the man's real name is Bob Robertson. To gather more information about him, Odd uses his gift of supernatural intuition, which his soulmate Bronwen a.

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Odd Thomas never asked for his special ability. My name is Odd Thomas, though in this age when fame is the alter at which most people worship, I'm not sure why you should care. Odd Thomas has high-speed chases, explosions, narrow escapes and masses of special effects-none special enough, I'm afraid, to save it from mediocrity. Odd jumps from the van as Varner enters the cab, and the van crashes into a man-made canal and explodes, samsung suite incinerating Varner but killing no one else.

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Very imaginative storyline. Loved what I've read so far. One of our contemporary masters.

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Every triumph has been hard won. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations. Niw have to get the inbetweens and read the whole series.

He has kept me enthralled throughout the entire series. He is one of the few people who knows Odd sees the dead but he does not know all of Odd's secrets. Hearing screams from the end of the mall where Stormy works, he hurries to the site. Arnold Vosloo as Tom Jedd. Well, I do love Odd so all I can do for now is put the kindle down for awhile and get back to it another day.

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This article is about the novel. He seems to have some sort of psychic magnetism. Odd Thomas is the name of a fictional character created by Dean Koontz. He takes Eckles's pistol and seeks out Varner. Frank also leaves and Alfred Hitchcock makes an appearance in the next two novels.

It is a great book that deepens our understanding of the main character. Forever Odd by Dean Koontz. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. As he steadfastly journeys toward his mysterious destiny, Odd Thomas has established himself as one of the most beloved and unique fictional heroes of our time. If the reader is also interested in the supernatural, the series will be even more alluring.

Dean Koontz

One person found this helpful. Robertson is murdered by one of his conspirators when they find out that Odd's attention is being drawn towards them and their plans. An endearing, witty romantic dramedy-slash-supernatural-thriller about a small desert town in California beset by demonic apparitions and a satanic cabal of deranged would-be mass murderers.

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Let us know - we're continually adding new authors and characters daily. She insists on waiting for sex with Odd until marriage, hoping to make their first time together a meaningful experience and to not bring the memories of her abuse on their bed. Share your thoughts with other customers. Small-town guy meets big-time evil.

What consequences await those who confront evil at its most profound? These spiritual creatures that Odd can see are named Bodachs, a term he learnt when he met another boy with similar talents. Only a handful of fictional characters are recognized by first name alone. Even of mystery writing is not your favorite style Odd Thomas is a character and series worth exploring.

Matthew Page as Harlo Landerson. Chief Porter is shot in a home invasion. Gosset had shot Odd twice in the back, Odd managed to pull the wires out of the bomb, thereby disarming it as he fell to the ground. Odd finds a file containing newspaper clippings of mass murderers, arranged by name.

Odd Thomas (novel)

Odd could see the dead and also see shadowy figures that normally lurk around people that will cause deaths or will die. Odd's mother put a gun to his head and is later taken away while cutting paper roses. Koontz asks real questions about the nature of good and evil. Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Nicolina.