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Catching it, Deathsaurus began to fantasize about his inevitable galactic conquest, all the while being pelted with rocks and litter. With another power boost from Wataru, Prime unleashed a super-charged shot from his ion blaster that took down the fleeing Decepticons. The Autobots subsequently returned to Cybertron aboard a refueled and repaired Ark with the defeated Decepticons, taking the Decepticons on Cybertron unawares and quickly capturing control Cybertron.

These games are more of a challenge than actual fun. Though Optimus allowed himself to be destroyed when he betrayed his own moral code while playing a video game, a copy of his mind survived on a floppy disk. He blasted Megatron with full fury!

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After their own Optimus Prime disappeared, Scavenger and Smokescreen discovered an alternate version of Optimus Prime lying unconscious and barely alive in Autobase Earth. Ravage abducted Blaisedale as a diversion, forcing Optimus to lead a team and rescue her. Prime soon discovered that the attack was a diversion, while Galvatron tried out his Nullification Cannon on Cybertron's Energon supplies.

Losing their advantage quickly, the Decepticons retreated. Optimus Prime landed in the Himalayan Mountains with G. Jane is confident and focused, but also rude, abrupt and occasionally reckless. The following year, Allan Cubitt won in the same category for series two. It's up to you to recover the stolen gem.

The Queen's Hope Diamond is gone. Optimus ordered Hot Rod and Ultra Magnus to take a team each to find the planet. The tables were turned once more when the Dinobots appeared, and mercilessly slaughtered the Constructicons.

Hawk did so anyway and through a quasi-mystical transfer of power Serpentor Prime was vanquished. The one possible positive outcome ended with Optimus fighting a duel against Megatron atop Mount Lomas in which Prime somehow split into his three components to surround his archenemy.

The Decepticons tried to destroy the Brazilian jungle and take its oil, but once again the Autobots stopped them. However, the Autobots, with their energy levels dangerously low, withdrew from combat as the world grew colder. Selfless and endlessly courageous, he is the complete opposite of his mortal enemy Megatron. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Over the next fifteen years, the Autobots befriended the humans, particularly the Witwicky family.

Mystery Case Files Prime Suspects

Optimus was tasked to hunt down and deactivate Sideswipe, though the task proved to be easy as Sideswipe did not run, hide or resist. Secure Form Choose your username Your username will be displayed on your review. The Queen's Hope Diamond has been stolen!

Optimus and Magnus were astounded their plan actually worked. Optimus was helped away from the destruction by Blurr and Sureshot.

Mystery Case Files Prime Suspects

Megatron unleashed a full-power weapon blast at Optimus Prime's face, near-fatally injuring him. Optimus took a small group to investigate, and successfully aided the humans in getting their truck moving.

Intrigued by the potential of lightning, Prime put Huffer and Gears to work finding a way to harness its energy, so they could use it to aid in the rebuilding of their spaceship. Having hidden his troops inside his trailer, Optimus and the Autobots then led a surprise attack on their unsuspecting foes. For the police term, dj music creator software see Prime suspect.

As they let Starscream go, Optimus couldn't help mocking him. During a Decepticon attack, Cliffjumper pleaded with Optimus to let him jump into the fray. Taking the air out of auto tires. Tennison's difficulty in achieving a balance between her work and her life outside the job and her difficulty in maintaining stable relationships are a recurring theme within the series. Data breach at the largest blood testing lab in the country Plus, iTunes is no more, and a man is sparking debate over how to wear AirPods.

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Mystery Case Files Prime Suspects

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Optimus Prime (G1)

Optimus Prime (G1)

If Optimus destroyed the wrong Cosmos, the duplicate obliterated Optimus and his squad with the proton bomb it housed within its body. Optimus had someone come into the know that the Decepticons were moving in towards the plant. Praying to Primus as the Decepticons readied their weapons, Optimus heard Grimlock calling out to his fellow Dinobots to combine, prompting the Autobot leader to yell out a plead to Grimlock to stop. Much better than Huntsville.