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She is accidentally hit by Shiven's car. Kamna has to play along or she will not get the film deal she was looking for with Johar. This is the second film of Nikhil Advani together with the musical trio. It is definitely Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's best work till today.

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Shiven and Gia get married. Vinay apologizes to Seema, and the couple reunites. This soundtrack consisted of seven tracks.

Raju slaps Rohit across the face and confesses his love for Stephanie. The musical trio succeed in getting the perfect score.

This results in a dilemma for her as Rahul reveals that he loved her back when she was Kamna, and she has to choose between her career and Rahul. Tehzeeb and Ashutosh then reunite and resume their life together. It is not the type which will become obsolete after a point of time. It has very unique sounds, google earth underwater and Sameer's lyrics are also fabulous.

While Raju drives her around all of Northern India searching for Rohit, he falls in love with her and drops her off to the venue where Rohit is getting ready to marry Gia. Featuring seven individual tracks, no sad versions or technically damaged retakes. He rushes to her wedding with Rohit and stops the wedding, professing his love for Gia.

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However, it turns out that Rohit does not want to marry Stephanie because he wants to marry an Indian girl and tells her to get lost. Stars shine in mediocre film. Stephanie confesses her love for Raju, and the couple unites. Ram and Phoolwati hid in a car but got injured when the car crashes into a house.

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Shiven calls Ashutosh, and they bring Tehzeeb to Shiven's house to rest. On the day they get married, Ram accidentally sets the room on fire, thus ruining his and Phoolwati's first night. Gia lives with her father Col. Vinay is left to choose between Seema and Anjali. The two start to meet and begin an affair, but while preparing to travel to India for Gia's marriage, Seema finds out about Vinay's affair, leaving her heartbroken.

Hear it for different musical flavors and you will feel the versatility of this high profile album and the musical flamboyance of musical trio. John Abraham Orion Pictures. He also tells her that without her, he has no present or future and that whatever the future brings, the couple will be able to face together. Ramdayal Sohail Khan weds attractive Phoolwati Isha Koppikar and would like to spend some intimate moments with her, but comical circumstances prevent him from doing so. Then, while travelling together on a train, they somehow manage to scare away the passengers from the compartment they are sharing, so they finally get their romance time.

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Tehzeeb is overwhelmed and runs away. When Tehzeeb wakes up, she wants to leave Ashutosh and go to her family's house because she is tired of seeing him sad when she is unable to remember who he is. Bakshi Prem Chopra and is in love with Shiven. The album was met with positive responses and good commercial success. Mukesh Talreja Sunil Manchanda.

Salaam-E-Ishq song detail

He decides to disappear from her life, leaving Bakshi no alternative but to arrange Gia's marriage with Rohit Chhada Kushal Punjabi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vinay sees his life as boring and dull until a woman named Anjali Anjana Sukhani comes into his life. Chaddha Kamini Khanna as Mrs.

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