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Shaiya Private Servers Free servers, guides, information, private servers. All items drop in game at a decent drop rate or they are free in the in game item mall. It's actually entertaining, something fun to do.

Aeria Games has announced that the latest update to Shaiya has been deployed. MasterShaiya Reborn Old Mastershaiya is back. We want to be your safe haven in the Shaiya p-server community. Siverpick Goblin Sentinel. The dungeon update brings back the Cryptic One Dungeon which contains six mini-dungeons.

Welcome One and All to Shaiya Haven

Possible, It has happened in the past and I do not doubt it. Backlink approved I really like how this server was thought, so, if I get any spare time I will certainly try it out. Maybe its the hosts connection or mine? Originally Posted by GraphicQueen.

Totally agree with you spyrow. Arena Strong Hold Large La. DemonStone HellTooth Trainer. Spinterr Elf High Class Kn. DemonStone Troll Low Class.

Slay terrible beasts, wield powerful weapons - just try not to die, as in some modes of Shaiya, death is permanent. Die meisten Items sind erfarmbar auch die Endruessi. DemonStone Troll Highrank. You are allowed to use up to characters. We will also be adding automatic pick up when farming.

Vagabond Sealakel Warrior. Not the usual dull server that you would find yourself on one day, and leaving the very next. MetinNis Sealakel Summoner. Seaclead Sealakel Warrior.

Come Join Us we look forward to seeing you. If you get banned because you broke ToS, they need to inform you what rule you broke and how. Pvp Boost waehrend Pvp Events. Please understand that this is only a test, and will be allowed to expire on its own once the test is completed.

Unique world random drop and much more. Most of us do not harm others unless us ourselves are being harmed. After that go out through the portal in the Arkjok Ward. Redlight Clan Orc Fighter. Downloading it now, seems you are motivated and the server as good planning.

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So, you'll just have to stop by and check it out. Answer Questions Is this normal? Goddes in D'Waterland too. That's what our name means, and we stand by it. It really bugs me I guess?

Feel free to check it out. Meat of Blooksucking Wolf. Friendly and experienced Admin, always available for you on Skype. Edged Blade Feather Gallus.

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Difficulty Modes Choose your difficulty mode, with more rewards available from higher levels of difficulty. There's more, but this list is already getting too long for comfort.

Grinding, farming, PvPing and bossing. Silverpick Goblin Warrior. Viper Spellbinder Dusk Swamp. Rough Ground Tiny Wild Boar.

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Many different types, with level-based drops given. The drop rate surprised me, in a good way. Very secured Server and Website for a guaranteed uptime!

At this point right now it does not matter, that staff has ruined the players view of the server and well without players on a server we all know what happens. For A sortable table listing where each Monster is, terima kasih guruku see Monsters Located. Bottom line is nothing you can do since it's them not you. We can't wait to get to know you all. Free items in Item Mall Bosses spawn every hour on original and custom locations.

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