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Dil mera hai nasamajh kitna Besabar ye bewakoof bada Chaahta hai kitnaa tujhe Khud magar nahi jaan sakaa. Negative in the sense that Babaji ka Thullu is a nothing where you had expected something, or should have got something - something good, positive for you - but you got nothing instead. Dhating actually isn't a standard word, though here it is used to express fun, the kind where you dance like anything, and without thinking of anything else. But it's people who need to know what the word really means before using them at such big level.

So heropanti is hero-ness, basically showing off oneself as a filmy hero, and probably do all the action and drama that movie heroes do onscreen. It's a beautiful language with words that sound just fascinating.

The word also gives name to Mumbai's famous Dabbawallas. Would have loved your name here. This is a great song and being the best song i am going to sing it in Air tel i Singer competition. Tholi merupa nanne choosi vellake Choopulatho praanam theesi vellake. Ntr potrated the role of a don Rangu, roopu aa dhaivame Ichaadu o varamula Ningi nela unnantha varaku Mee anda naakundaga.

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That's like an open invitation now. Remember Apdi Pode Pode Pode?

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Not as simple, but still, the song is there in Hindi too now. Here is a translation of the song. If he gets a gun, it'd be a different case though. Rabba Main Kya Karoon Meaning.

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Here it works in a way like a truck driver's identity. Some beautiful poetry in this one. And, it's one song that has a Gujarati Rap, and a pretty quick one. Here is a list of Irshad Kamil's songs which are translated on BollyMeaning.

The trailer begins with Imran's ironic dialog. This is about the song, that I love, and probably you do too. It's about the words, dhat teri ki.

Rangbaaz is an Urdu word which, with its commonness, permeated through languages and can be heard even in Bangla now. Chooddhaam aakasam antham Veddhaam akkade paadham. The order doesn't really change the meaning, but he just emphasizes the verb, the action more.

Hence, when the hero says yahaan ishqyaun wahaan dhishkyaun, he means that while he's fighting with love, or simply showing love, she's fighting with guns against him. Bhoomi Trivedi Ram chaahe Leela, the first song of the album is a different one in many ways. Cheli cheli cheliya chedhirina kalaya?

To enjoin, to instruct, to caution. Now, let's get a bit literal as though there is something to get literal here, all we'll get is babaji ka thullu. Also, dabangg is a Hindi word.

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Chharahari is the feminine word for the same, which can also sound like Chhareri, or Chareri, as you could also spell that. Rang is color, and -baaz is a suffix that is used for someone doing something particular, for someone who is an expert at that particular thing.

As such the word Gutthi is not used as a name anywhere in the Hindi speaking region, but this features as the unusual name of unusual character performed by Sunil Grover on Comedy Nights with Kapil. So simply, rabba main kya karoon means O God, what do I do?

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Interesting usage of the word there by Kausar Munir. Tere naina tere naina tere naina re. Tere naina, raahein saja de Tere naina, doori mita de Tere naina, dhadkan ko bhada de Tere naina, bejeweled games pc palkon mein samaa le Wallah. Ramleela Title Song Lyrics Translation.

However, she has here left everything for the love of her beloved and asks her to impart his yog, in a way the wisdom, to her as well, so that she can completely leave the world and be just his. The song is quite difficult to get as they sing the Punjabi words quite fast, but here is what I could get, with a working translation. That's an awesomely superb Tamil dance song that was popular not only in Tamil speaking regions but entire India.

It didn't care how bad or good the latter is hardly the case here the lyrics were, and so I thought we probably needed somewhere to talk lyrics specifically, and hence, a Lyrics Review. Cheyyemo raatutheli Choopemo ghaatutheli Mandeti sooreedu raa! Let me put my case forward. Finally the song is now remade in Hindi as Hum na chhodein todein phodein jo bhi hum se panga le.

However, this is a generic protest, not mentioning Anna or anyone else. Choope O gundesoodhi Addosthe manduthaadhi Teluginti kurrodila.

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All this external beauty is given by god as a gift to me I know that you guys will be with me till this earth-sky stays. Co-incidentally a Telugu movie in which Jr. Irshad is a common Urdu name, which means to guide, to permit, or permission.