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Three easy ways to get the weather on your desktopWeather Display - the Weather Station software

Get instant access to your local temperature and severe-weather alerts. Grab your stuff while you still can. Nevertheless, most of us think about the weather often enough that we want to know what it's going to be like outside on any given day. Excellent support at all times.

Pros The program shows promise with many features. Had to highlight the whole screen to get the button to appear to except the agreement to install. The only thing more powerful than the weather is your ability to forecast it. Pros Gives you some idea of the temps and precip. Pros Not a lot to like Cons The program is bitsy, difficult to get running properly and virtually no backup or assistance for problems.

Pros Looks nice when it works Cons Everything. Cons From excellent to pure garbage in minutes with one update! Summary A brilliant bit of software which is worth every penny. You have to give him credit for that.

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Annoying and unnecessary The app choices are confusing. Cons There aren't any as far as I can tell. In the summer, you want to know when it's going to be boiling hot. Or you could write your own, if you have the knowhow. Advertisements or commercial links.

For those using other stations it appears it works a treat, but it still is very expensive comparatively for a clunky but comprehensive weather software package. Customizable graphs allow you to view, analyze, share, and compare data from your personal weather station to any of the others in our network. Click the icon and you get an hourly breakdown of today's weather as well as a four-day forecast.

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Why is this as bad as or worse than the other dismal weather applications out there? Not sure that it's worth it. To avoid this switch, just press cancel when the screen with these options appears, or try using Unchecky. Pros Good graphics Cons Inaccurate forecasts Summary I've found that the hourly forecast and chance of precipitation to be very inaccurate for my location - which is a suburb of a large city.

Pros Lots and lots and lots of features and the graphs are good. Pros I run this piece of software alongside Weatherlink and you can definitely tell the difference. Haven't found a fix anywhere for this so I finally uninstalled it.

Has everything a weather logging software could have, if you can find it through the layout! Overlay as many or as few measurements as you'd like and compare historical conditions. Improvements and new features are continously being added in newer versions. Don't waste your time downloading the app since you won't get help from the developer.

Time and weather on desktop

The program is bitsy, difficult to get running properly and virtually no backup or assistance for problems. Installation was flawed from beginning. Slow to retrieve wx info when the program initiates Summary Not sure that it's worth it. Time needed although forum usage helps to learn all options or options important to you.

That suite isn't perfect but at least it works reliably and it wasn't hard to set up. And the biggest insult of all? Cons Since I updated to the new version a month ago it has worked maybe a few hours. Emailed again a week later - no reply. Get the most hyperlocal weather data with our global network of personal weather stations.

Three easy ways to get the weather on your desktop

Added support for history data from WeatherFlow station. This software is never having problems like Weatherlink. Gave up after six weeks and bought another weather display program which was quite easy to set up and is running well. The one I have had the most success with is Weatherbug, tintin movie torrent which sits in your notifications area constantly displaying the current temperature. After a string of problems I eventually got it running well enough to read and display my weather station's output data.

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Weather in the taskbar Weatherbug delivers the weather to your desktop with a simple app and notification icon. Here's a quick look at three ways to have the current temperature and forecast always at hand on the desktop. The Weather Channel Desktop gives you instant access to the weather-, climate-, and health-related information that comprises The Weather Channel's extensive daily programming. Sexually explicit or offensive language. Faster history processing.

Then I recently downloaded and updated to the latest version. It sits there doing what it is set up to do and always records weather events quickly and shows them in a clear manner.

The author just dosn't seem to care. Cons Tweakability means more time muddling through the myriad options.

Plus, stick around to watch our award-winning, awe-inspiring weather videos. More Linux versions links. Only from The Weather Channel. Never get caught in the rain again with this powerful, free mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Fixed potential variable corruption.

Pros The old version worked fine. In the winter, you need to know when to wear that extra layer.